Constructing a common building
in the Passive House standard across Europe

Building Together

BuildTog (Building Together) is a European Passive House project initiated in 2009 by four partners who are engaged in sustainable construction:

EURHONET - The European Housing Network 
A/NM/A - The French Architects Agence, Nicolas Michelin & Associés 
LUWOGE consult* - The Sustainable Energy Consultancy 
BASF - The Worldwide Leading Chemical Company 

The objective of BuildTog was to establish the ground work for all European countries to BuildTogether to construct a generation of high-energy performance houses that are economically feasible and also architecturally ambitious. By each country bringing projects, ideas and strategies to BuildTog, an evolving network of learning and making has been established. In this sense, it is a very practice oriented research project.

The BuildTog 1G houses (2009-2015) are based on a common design integrated into the regional vernacular by the expertise brought to the project by the localized team of builders, designers and craftsmen. The BuildTog 1G houses are built to the Passive House energy standards which meet the EU energy-saving targets of a nearly zero energy standard.

The BuildTog++ houses beginning in 2016 will follow the proven methodology developed during BuildTog 1G, with the freedom to test new design typologies, uses and scales. Furthermore, included in BuildTog++ will be the opportunity to incorporate the BuildTog methodologies in refurbishments, often considered the backbone of sustainable architecture.


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